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Cloud is a full-service provider of video technical expertise and equipment for corporate and special events, music touring and festivals, exhibitions, brand activations, streaming, imag production, film and television productions.


iMAG is short for "image magnification" which is a useful and effective way of delivering instant video projection of speakers and performers at concerts, corporate, conference, events, etc. The purpose is to MAGnify a person’s “image” on a projection screen or LED walls so people who are farther from the stage can see them easily. We examine the technical challenges, the required gear, and the preferability of producing separate feeds for projection and streaming of the same event.


We did our first remote production during Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö.

The studio with remote cameras and camera operators in Malmö and production control room in Stockholm in Telia HQ. We had 4G cameras in arenan an 3 LiveU running around on the streets i Malmö. Our show went on to Youtube and Telia IPTV. Do you have any questions please contact us at


During almost 20 years we´ve been working with TV production wich has given us much experience. We´ve been a part of SVT´s production "The great moose walk" Click her to watch studio program.

We´ve got a big network of frelancers all over the nordic countries.


Stand out,
dare to go the other way.


4K live production

Our camerafleet and production units is prepared to do productions in 4K/UHD today.


Social media

Get your event, broadcast out to a larger audience through streaming it live to Instagram, Facebook, Youtube.


Team work

Together with your team we can work as a team and make your event, broadcast or streaming even better.

We like to make things
easy and fun.

Ready to go!

We´ve got short lead times wich make us ready to go instantly. 

The right gear

Our level of equipment is set to get the job done. We do not buy ridiculously expensive cameras and charge you higher rates.


We´re experiensed in livestreaming for IPTV, Instagram, Facebook and all other paltforms.

AR on live events

We are working to bring AR to our live events, festivals. Get the audience engaged.

Cloud is with you everywhere.

We can help you out all over the world with live production. We´ve got flightkit to bring production where you need it. Liveu, Aviwest or teradek, your choice of video transportations over internet.


We´ve got videoencoders with bonded 4G connections from Aviwest, LiveU and Teradek. Cloud solutions so we can do remoteproduction easy, quick and cost effective.


The right crew for your event, we´ve got a big network with frelancer across Sweden.

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